Taste and Tour of the Countryside 2009

Executive Chef Thomas Tirendi showcases his culinary expertise at the Chefs Demonstration stage at the annual Taste and Tour of the Countryside, October 20, 2009.  Featured dish prepared by Chef Thomas is a Parmesan Crusted Skate over Vegetable Couscous with a Mediterranean Sauce in a homemade Parmesan Bowl with Flat Leaf Parsley garnish.

Chef Thomas at ease on center stage and with a pan in his hand prepares the featured item with over 1,000 on lookers anxiously waiting to see the final dish.

Prepared in record time Chef Thomas proudly presents his dish along with Food Network TV Host Bill Boggs.

Featured dish Parmesan Crusted Skate, Vegetable Couscous, Mediterranean Sauce, Parmesan Bowl.

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