Third Graders Visit Wayne Hotel and Paramour

The Wayne Hotel and Paramour welcomed Ithan Elementary School third graders on Friday, May 11th to give them a behind-the-scenes look into a real Wayne business.  The first thing on the agenda for the third graders was cookie making with Pastry Chef Amelia Dietrich in Paramour’s dining room. The students donned their chef hats and got to work decorating dinosaurs, stars and flowers. While the cookies set, the group moved upstairs to see Wayne Hotel’s Premiere Suite and learn a little more about the history of the hotel from General Manager, David Brennan. Finally the third graders took a seat in Wayne Hotel’s Lobby Lounge to interview Mr. Brennan about his experience in the hospitality industry and managing a business in Wayne. They learned about the important role that Wayne Hotel plays in the community, and the things that are needed to make a business successful. Finally, they relaxed on the Veranda to munch on their culinary treats and talk about their visit to the Wayne Hotel and Paramour.

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