What’s New with Paramour’s Wine List

Paramour promised that the Wine List would continue to grow and evolve…well, it has!

In order to properly showcase the newly expanded wine selection, Paramour’s Sommelier, Steven Gullo, has helped to give the carefully crafted list a new look by making it even easier to navigate your way to the perfect wine by the bottle or by the glass.

Paramour’s Wine List continues to flawlessly complement the Chef’s cuisine with delicious, unique and diverse selections intended to enhance your dining experience at every price point. The wine list is now primarily categorized by grape varietal, with simple references to body type and a brief description of each wine’s particular flavor profile for an unintimidating, user-friendly browsing experience. The majority of the wines offered at Paramour are made by artisanal, boutique winemakers from all over the world with a special emphasis on dynamic American wines from California and the Pacific Northwest.

The evolution of the wine program at Paramour is an ongoing process as the selections continue to expand with seasonal menu changes and as new discoveries are made. Paramour looks forward to sharing the finesse and authenticity of their very special wine list with you.

If you’re ready to indulge your inner oenophile, Paramour has the list for you!

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