Paramour’s Guided Wine Tasting Series

Paramour's Guided Wine Tasting Series with Sommelier Steven Gullo

Paramour’s monthly guided wine tastings will provide a new-found appreciation for wine whether you’re a novice, a connoisseur or somewhere in between. Let Paramour’s Sommelier, Steven Gullo, inspire you with his expert knowledge and passion for wine during each tasting session.

You’ll learn the tasting techniques used by the pros, explore important grapes, identify key wine styles and determine your own wine preferences. As always, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and ask questions during the tasting. These are “don’t miss” tasting events where having fun and tasting great wines come first!

The series continues each month as Steven guides participants through an exploration of topics including “Unique Wines of California”, “Classic Wines of France”, “Treasures of Spain”, “Italian Stallions” and more. Visit Paramour’s website for the schedule of Wine Tastings and more information on each session.

Please call 610-977-0600 to make your reservation.

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